Wrinkles Linked To Stressful Events

Wrinkles Linked To Stressful Events


The death of a spouse or child is the most stressful event in life, according to Richard Rahe, a leading stress researcher. These and other stressful events can make you look older by giving you lots of wrinkles!

Other stressful and wrinkle-causing events in life are the death of one’s parents, the loss of one’s job, pregnancy, and decreased income.

The rankings made by Rahe are based on the relative amounts of stress associated with different events. These estimates were derived from questionnaires in which people were asked the degree of adjustment each event required. The adjustments made by respondents were expressed in ?life change units? (LCUs) in which higher units denoted a high degree of stress.

The death of a spouse had a LCU of 105 while the death of one?s parents had a score of 66. Loss of job scored 64 while pregnancy and decreased income both got 60. Other stressors include foreclosure on a mortgage or loan (57), being held in jail (57), separation from spouse (56), and a major change in the health or behavior of a family member (52).

investment and/or credit difficulties had an LCU of 43; a visit to a dentist had a stress factor of 40; while an injury or illness scored 25.

Medical experts say stressful episodes in life can lead to a host of ailments like tiredness, hypertension, headaches, diarrhea, ulcers, and heart disease. These stressful events can also make you look tired, haggard, older, and leave their mark on your face in the form of wrinkles.

There is growing evidence that stress hormones may play a role in a wide variety of illnesses, from hormonal diseases like diabetes and thyroid conditions to psychiatric illnesses, including anorexia nervosa, panic attacks, and obsessive-compulsive disorder,? according to Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier of the Stanford University School of Medicine in “mind/Body Medicine.”


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